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Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose Book

“Wow! What an amazing journey that LaToya takes us through. She covers it all, Life, Faith, Career and Love. And she even has a section in her book about encouraging women to Travel (my favorite topic). If you or someone you know is wanting to get to the next level in their life then this is the book for you. LaToya shares how successful one can be when you choose to live and have an ‘Extraordinary Purpose’.” – KP Engle 


Everyday, droves of women rise out of their beds to the sound of their loud, pesky alarms and begrudgingly prepared themselves to head to a tireless day on the job. Often times, these women dream of a more satisfied life, but are unsure of the steps to reach ultimate purpose-fulfillment. In a saturated market of self-help books, where does the purpose-thirsty woman turn for help?

LaToya Nicole, business and empowerment consultant, outlines personal, practical and faith-based strategies in Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose: 21 Ways to Walk Boldly into the Life you were Created to Live, an inspirational read offering guidance for life, love and career for women. This book is designed to encourage and empower women who may view their lives as ordinary to pursue their extraordinary desires.

In Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose, Benson shares her remarkable story in addition to outlining 21 strategies to help women tune in to their greatness, overcome their fears, and make bold decisions that connect the mind, body and soul to its purpose.

The strategies are broken down into four core areas: Life, Career, Faith and Love and features practical advice and life stories such as: Life – “Be intentional in developing, implementing and sticking with your plan of action focused on your vision.” Faith –“Don’t fear what your future holds,instead have hopeful expectations and allow God to work miracles in your life” Career – “Speak Up: Be bold enough to ask not only for what you want, but also for what you need” Love – “Don’t waste your singleness and rob yourself of a rich life because you are unhappy with your current single status. An abundant life is available to you now.”

This book is for the aspiring entrepreneur, the single woman who refuses to be defined by her relationship status, for the mother who feels she’s lost herself in the midst of raising her children, the woman who is in the second act of her life starting over in a new career or the recent graduate who doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she “grows up”. You will be inspired to take take action towards your goals, dreams and vision!


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