About Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose

“Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Purpose: 21 Ways to Walk Boldly Into the Life You Were Created to Live”   is an inspirational book with personal and practical faith based career, life and love strategies for women. Designed to encourage and empower women who to the world and even to yourself may be seen as just “ordinary” but who have desires, dreams, and goals to live at a higher level to stretch beyond what is ordinary, tap into your greatness, overcome fear and make bold decisions. Extraordinary purpose is that unique, remarkable, abundant and courageous business, life and love that God already predestined. There is extraordinary purpose on the inside of every woman, all that is left is for you to decide to walk into it.

In this book you will find personal life stories from the author, faith filled reflections, sprinkles of humor , strategies and practical advice to empower you to walk boldly into the life you are purposed for. The “21 Ways” are broken down by four core areas: Life, Career, Faith, and Love.

This book is for the aspiring entrepreneur, the single woman who refuses to be defined by her relationship status, for the mother who feels she’s lost herself in the midst of raising her children, the woman who is in the second act of her life starting over in a new career or the recent graduate who doesn’t quite know what she wants to be when she “grows up”.

At the end of each chapter there will be an Extraordinary Purpose Prompt to encourage you to write your thoughts, takeaways and reflections in your journal.

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A Note from LaToya Nicole:

The inspiration for writing this book came in August 2011, when I heard God whisper to me “start writing devotionals”. Through a series of confirmations I decided to start a blog (I literally typed in “How to Start a Blog” on Google) because I had never written anything in my life, but starting a blog instead of writing a book seemed less overwhelming. That blog eventually was abandoned and turned into what is now MsTravelChic.com that led me into this extraordinary journey of writing, speaking and ultimately my social media consulting… but privately I never stopped writing about my God and my faith journey. Everything that I’ve been through, lessons learned and wisdom gained in the last 4 years since God spoke those words to me are now in this book.

Confident but nervous, excited but anxious, bold yet still fearful at times this past year has been a journey that I would do all over again, despite it’s challenges. It may have taken 4 years but walking in my purpose and seeing God’s vision for me begin to come to life leaves me speechless. If only ONE woman is encouraged through my book to launch her vision, walk in her purpose, overcome shame, love herself, grow her faith and start living the life she was created to live, then I will consider it all joy. 

About the Author – LaToya Nicole helps lead women to walk boldly into the life and business they are purposed for. Former marketing and sales professional for a Fortune 200 transportation company, Toya Nicole worked with multi­billion dollar corporations and transitioned from blogger to business owner laying the foundation that led to her own strategic exit from Corporate America.

For speaking, booking and contact information please visit www.latoyanicole.com  or send me and email


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